Absorb Noise and Block Light with These Versatile Sound Dampening Blankets


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Tired of noise disruptions at home or work? Want an easy way to make any space quieter and darker? Introducing the ultimate sound dampening and light blocking solution – these 2 thick quilted cotton soundproofing blankets.

At 72 x 78 inches each, these large acoustic sound absorbing sheets provide full coverage to significantly reduce noise transmission and light infiltration. The sound dampening blankets are made of a high density material that helps absorb ambient sounds rather than blocking them completely. This allows you to lower volumes to comfortable levels without total sound isolation.

Key Features:

Package Includes 2 Blankets for Broad Soundproofing

Cover more ground with 2 sound dampening blankets in one package. Strategically place them in different problem areas or combine for enhanced noise and light control.

Thick Quilted Cotton Construction

The sound absorbing blankets feature durable quilted cotton fabric with non woven interior fill. This maximizes sound dampening while remaining breathable and easy to clean.

8 Sturdy Metal Grommets for Hanging

Install the soundproofing blankets easily using the 8 reinforced grommets and hooks, straps or screws (not included). Grommets prevent ripping and make positioning simple.

Large 72 x 78 inch Size

Each noise dampening blanket spans a generous 72 x 78 inches when fully extended. Fold or hang as needed to cover doors, windows, walls, furniture and more.

Multi-Purpose for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Reduce noise in studios, offices, bedrooms, living spaces and vehicles. Also blocks light for sleep, photography and protecting valuables. Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor areas.

Key Benefits:

Absorbs Sound Frequencies

The quilt-like material absorbs audible sound waves instead of isolating them completely. This allows you to reduce ambient noise to comfortable levels.

Lightweight Yet Thick Build

At just over 1 lb each, the blankets are lightweight enough to hang while providing sufficient density for sound dampening.

Protects Furniture & Belongings

Place the blankets over furnishings, equipment, pets and more to protect from sound, light and other environmental elements.

Versatile for Any Space

Use these blankets in studios, offices, garages, bedrooms, common areas, vehicles – anywhere that you want to control noise and light.

Easy Care & Wrinkle Resistant

The quilted cotton material is machine washable for easy cleaning. It’s also wrinkle resistant for a smooth look when hung or folded.


  • Recording studios – acoustic treatment
  • Music rooms – absorb vocals and instruments
  • Offices – dampen phone calls and chatter
  • Bedrooms – minimize noisy neighbors
  • Nurseries – absorb cries and screams
  • Photography studios – block ambient light
  • Windows – darken rooms for sleep
  • Apartments – reduce sound transfer
  • Man caves – suppress home noises
  • Garages – contain power tools
  • Vehicles – protect interiors

Experience the versatility of these sound dampening and light blocking blankets. Order now to reduce noise pollution and light infiltration in any space!


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