6pcs Non-Slip Guitar Pedal Caps – Pedalboard Protection Accessories


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These 6 pieces of non-slip guitar pedal caps are the perfect accessories to protect your pedals and pedalboards. As guitarists, we know how important our pedals are for achieving our signature tone and effects. However, our pedals take a beating during gigs, transport, and everyday use. These protective caps help prevent scratches, scuffs, and slips that can occur over time.

Smooth, Rounded Edges

The edges of these caps are smooth and rounded, meaning no sharp corners or protrusions. Therefore, you won’t cut or scratch your hands and fingers while installing them onto your pedals. No more bloody knuckles or painful gashes! The smooth surface also ensures your pedals stay protected in your pedalboard case or gig bag without scratching neighboring pedals.

Anti-Slip Protection

The top surface has an anti-slip coating to help prevent slips and falls during use. The textured grip gives added stability while you’re switching pedals on and off, even if you’re on a slippery surface. No more accidental slips off your wah or volume pedal. Protect your pedals and your personal safety.

Multiple Vibrant Colors

These caps come in 6 bright colors: purple, green, orange, yellow, blue, and red. The colorful accents add some flair to your pedalboard and help distinguish pedal functions. Color code your drive, modulation, delay, and tuner pedals for a functional and fun pedalboard. Match them to your guitar, cables, and style.

Guitar Pedal Protection

Your effects pedals probably cost a good chunk of hard-earned cash. Protect your investment with these protective caps. They prevent scratches and scuffs from forming on the surface of your pedals during transport, storage, and everyday use. Keep your pedals looking brand new and preserve their resale value.

Pedalboard Protection

In addition to protecting individual pedals, these caps also keep your pedalboard safe from damage. Pedals banging into each other, velcro scratches, and slipping feet can damage your pedalboard over time. The anti-slip caps cushion pedals and absorb shock to keep your pedalboard pristine.

Long Term Use

With 6 caps in a pack, you have enough to cover your entire pedalboard with some left over as spares. They are built to last and can be reused again and again. Easily swap them out if you change your pedal lineup down the road.

Emergency Replacements

On the off chance one gets lost or damaged, you have backups readily available. Tuck a couple extras into your gig bag or pedalboard case so you’re prepared in case of pedal cap emergency.

Compact Size

These caps are small in size for easy portability. They won’t take up much room in your gig bag or pedalboard case, especially compared to bulky pedal cases. Easily stash them away until needed.

Gift Idea

Give these as a gift to the guitarist in your life. They make a thoughtful present for beginners starting their first pedalboard or veterans upgrading their rig. Guitarists are always looking for ways to protect their beloved pedals.

Universal Fit

The caps are designed to fit most standard sized stomp pedals from brands like Boss, MXR, TC Electronic, Electro-Harmonix, and more. They stretch to firmly grip pedals with the following approximate dimensions:

– Width: 2.5 – 3 inches
– Depth: 4.5 – 5 inches

High Quality Materials

Constructed from durable plastic, these caps are built to last through years of use. The ribbed texture provides extra grip and shock absorption.

Easy Installation

Putting them on and taking them off your pedals is quick and simple. Just stretch the cap over the top of your pedal and align it into place. Remove by pulling it off gently. No tools or complicated installation required.

Give your pedals and pedalboard some TLC with these anti-slip pedal caps. Protect your prized guitar effects from damage while adding some style to your rig. With smooth edges, vibrant colors, anti-slip grip, and durable construction, these caps check all the boxes for must-have pedalboard accessories. Order a set today and keep your pedals protected for the long haul!


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