52 Pack 12″X12″X1″ Acoustic Foam Panels Studio Soundproofing Wedge Tiles – Black


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Control Sound & Create a Professional Recording Space

Taking your home studio sound to the next level requires acoustic treatment. These acoustic foam panels are specifically designed to make your studio space sound amazing. The 12″x12″x1″ wedge tiles absorb mid to high frequencies, reducing reverberation, echoes and standing waves.

Get professional-grade soundproofing without the studio price tag. Transform any room into a crisp, clear audio environment for mixing, tracking, podcasting, voiceovers and more. Start recording and sharing your creations with quality acoustic engineering built-in.

Precision-Cut Wedges Strategically Trap & Absorb Sound

Specifically shaped wedge tiles place these acoustic panels a cut above basic foam squares. The angled edges expertly diffuse and absorb soundwaves rather than reflecting them back into the room. This innovative shape maximizes mid to high frequency absorption to tune your space.

Each foam wedge tile measures 12″ x 12″ x 1″ thick and is precision cut for consistent quality and performance. The acoustic foam used is medium density with tapered pores that effectively trap audio waves. The wedges diffuse reflections for a natural decay, reducing muddy reverb and flutter echo.

Full Kit Treats Your Studio from Floor to Ceiling

Why compromise your recordings with an unfinished acoustic space? This full 52 pack of tiles gives you expanded coverage to treat floors, walls, ceilings, corners and problem spots.

Stack the wedges across multiple surfaces to surround your studio with an acoustic cocoon. Place thicker absorption at the primary reflection points beside your mix position. Strategically use the 12″ x 12″ size to cover more surface area.

Easy Mounting for Instant Sound Upgrade

Setting up your own professional-grade acoustic studio is made simple with these soundproofing foam panels. Each tile has a flat back and beveled edges that allow for neat, gapless mounting.

Use the included adhesive strips to attach the panels on walls, foam boards, stands, inside cabinets or wherever needed. The peel-and-stick mounting strips make installation and repositioning the tiles a breeze.

For a more permanent mount, liquid adhesive or spray can be used on the flat base. The lightweight foam lets you arrange and rearrange the layout as needed to refine your acoustic soundstage.

Versatile Black Color Blends into Any Room Décor

Whether you’re treating an existing room or building a dedicated studio space, these black acoustic foam tiles fit right in. The neutral black color works equally well in music studios, home offices, creative spaces or accent walls.

The clean, sharp look complements both modern and vintage room aesthetics. Use the black wedges to create an aesthetic yet performance-driven recording environment. For other décor styles, various color options are also available.

Treat Your Studio to Quality Acoustic Engineering

Don’t compromise your home recording and listening experience with a subpar acoustic environment. Get these sound absorption foam panels and unlock your space’s full audio potential. Hear the difference precise acoustic treatment makes.


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