5 Core 40W Electric Guitar Amp with Speaker and Effects


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Take your guitar playing to the next level with the 5 Core 40W Electric Guitar Amplifier. This powerful, feature-packed amp delivers incredible tone in a portable design perfect for practice, studio recording, and small gigs. Customize your sound with the built-in effects and EQ while harnessing 40 watts of solid state power.

Despite its compact size, this little amp packs a punch thanks to 40 watts of power pumped through the onboard 8” speaker. Dial in your tone with the customized 3-band EQ, gain, and volume controls. Add effects like delay and reverb to expand your creativity. The Aux In allows you to jam along with tracks from your phone or MP3 player.

Everything is conveniently located on the amp’s control panel for quick adjustments on the fly. Take your performance mobile or plug headphones in for private practice sessions. The cabinet is built rugged with protected corners to prevent dings and dents during transport and storage.

Customizable Tone

The 5 Core 40W Guitar Amp lets you shape your tone with a customized 3-band EQ. Adjust the lows, mids, and highs to match the tone in your head or to complement your guitar and playing style. Push the gain for that perfect overdrive or keep it cleaner for studio-quality tone.

Built-In Effects

Onboard delay and reverb effects let you add an extra dimension to your tone without the need for pedals. Dial in the right amount of delay to make your leads really stand out. Add a touch of reverb for a roomier, more spacious sound. Effects like these make experimenting with new tones easy and inspiring.

Jam Along with Music

The Aux In jack allows you to plug in your phone, MP3 player, or other external audio device. Jam along with your favorite songs or backing tracks. It’s a great way to expand your creativity and become a more versatile guitarist. The Aux In and onboard speaker even let you use the amp as a speaker for playing music.

Portable Design

Take the 5 Core 40W Electric Guitar Amplifier anywhere your music takes you. Its compact size and built-in handle make it easy to transport to gigs, practice sessions, or recording studios. Rugged corner protectors help prevent dings and scratches during transit. Plug in headphones for private practice anywhere, any time.


  • 40 watts solid state power
  • 8″ custom speaker
  • 3-band EQ with gain and volume controls
  • Built-in delay and reverb effects
  • Aux In for playing along with tracks
  • Headphone jack for silent practice
  • Rugged design with protected corners

Shape your sound your way with the customizable tone-shaping options of the 5 Core 40W Electric Guitar Amplifier. This versatile amp equips you with great power, effects, and portability for any gig or practice session.


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