2hp Play Eurorack Sample Player Module – High Fidelity Sampling & Looping for Modular Synthesis


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The 2hp Play is a powerful and versatile eurorack sample playback module that allows you to easily incorporate high-quality audio samples into your modular synthesizer rig. With features like volt per octave pitch tracking, looping modes, and gated playback, the 2hp Play opens up new worlds of sound design and performance possibilities.

High Fidelity Sample Playback

At the heart of the 2hp Play is a high fidelity sample playback engine that faithfully reproduces your audio samples with crystal clarity and depth. The internal architecture is optimized for low latency, ensuring your samples are played back crisply and accurately for immediate creative use in a live performance or production context.

Flexible Sample Loading

Loading samples onto the 2hp Play couldn’t be easier thanks to the lack of proprietary formatting requirements. Simply load 16 or 24-bit WAV or AIFF audio files onto the included micro SD card to start using your own samples. There’s no need to conform to strict naming conventions or file structures. The 2hp Play will intelligently scan the card and make all samples available for playback.

Volt Per Octave Pitch Control

The 2hp Play features a volt per octave pitch input that allows you to sequence pitch CV from your favorite sequencer or keyboard to play samples chromatically across multiple octaves. This opens up many possibilities such as using the module as a sample-based oscillator in your system. The playable 4 octave range covers from C2 to C6.

Flexible Playback Modes

Three different playback modes provide creative options for how your samples are triggered. In Loop mode, the sample will seamlessly loop for sustained tones or rhythmic parts. Gate mode will play the sample only while the gate is high, allowing for stuttering effects. One-shot mode plays the entire sample before stopping.

Performance Controls

Front panel controls give you real-time control over the playback for expressive performances. The Time knob lengthens or shortens the sample playback speed for interesting warp effects. The Level knob controls the output volume. The configurable Trig button can be assigned to different functions like sample select, random sample select and more.

Expandability via SD Card

While the 2hp Play is designed to be immediately intuitive right out of the box, more advanced users can customize functionality by editing a configuration file on the SD card. Adjust buffer sizes, activate varispeed control, change button assignments and more to tailor the Play to your workflow.

Compact 2HP Width

The 2hp Play sports the slim 2HP width perfect for fitting in crowded eurorack systems, whether large or small. Despite its diminutive size, there’s no compromise on functionality. The Play punchs above its weight with powerful sampling capabilities.


  • High fidelity WAV/AIFF sample playback
  • Volt per octave pitch control input
  • Loop, gate and one-shot playback modes
  • Front panel time, level and trig controls
  • Configuration file customization via SD card
  • 2HP eurorack width

Bring new dimensions to your modular synthesis with the 2hp Play. Its combination of pristine audio quality, pitch control and flexible playback modes provides endless options for sample mangling and manipulation. Control your samples in exciting new ways to create vivid electronic music colors. The 2hp Play Sample Player belongs in every eurorack!


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